Fuel Management Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Fleets

Simplifying Business Management Workflows

Our comprehensive fleet automation and fleet fuel management solutions provide a holistic approach to today’s complex business fleet management requirements. Our unique management tools and authorization devices provide specific solutions to suit both unattended and attended sites across Commercial / Industrial (C&I) locations.
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High-Level Efficiency, Increased Revenues

Prevent asset
Reduce fuel
Increase operational
Provide instant

Responding to Your Specific Business Challenges

Whether on premise or offsite, you need an end-to-end solution that provides efficient fleet and fuel site management and easily interfaces with your existing infrastructure.

  • Defense

  • Mining

  • Aviation

  • Farming

  • Distribution

  • Rental

Ensuring Optimal Utilization

Imagine fully managing your fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance occurrences from any location, all through one point of interaction.

Whether on-premise or offsite, our end-to-end commercial fleet management services comply with all fleet operations, providing efficient fleet and fuel site management and interfaces with any payment authorization server.

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Tight control and management solution

End-to-end visibility of fleet equipment, fueling processes, inventory monitoring, and reporting.
End-to-end solution from head office to sites.
Reducing fuel expenses, misuse, and losses.
Customized reports for accounting, budgeting, and operations management.
Advanced and secured management capabilities.

Comprehensive suite of site controllers

Our PRIME selection of robust fuel site controllers is the ideal standalone choice for commercial and industrial fleets, providing comprehensive and secured automation for any site architecture. Innovation, ease-of-use, and seamless integration with your existing fuel island equipment are always at the forefront of our solutions.
Highly durable & field-proven.
Flexible deployment at fixed or mobile site.
Interface with all forecourt devices.
Online and offline fueling authorization capabilities.

Secure refueling. Increased profits.

A range of reliable and secure points of interaction for drivers and station attendants, from simple tag readers, through a mobile application, to a secure high-end Automatic Vehicle Identification system.
Advances loyalty by binding fleets to oil companies.
Full control of mileage and eliminates fraudulent fueling.
Reporting on vehicle usage and consumption.
Increased fleet efficiency through management and tracking.

The solution provides crucial operational alerts for increased business efficiency.

The integrated solution ensures inventory visibility, configured and controlled fuel levels.
A powerful, automatic tank gauge system.
Includes a tank probe and a graphic user interface.
The Mag-Flex Probe allows above ground, tall tank inventory level measurement.
Manage and record fuel inventories.

Industry leading pumps and dispensers.

A range of rugged, durable, and reliable fueling points, with features and options designed specifically to meet the unique needs of fleet operators.
A range of industry leading pumps and dispenser models.
The wide range of fueling points, are perfectly suited for harsh fleet fueling environments.
High flow, Super High Flow, and Ultra High models provide fast fueling for large vehicles.
The satellite dispensers allow simultaneous fueling of saddle tanks to reduce fueling time.

Gain control of your fleet.

Empowers fleet management by providing comprehensive trip data.
Complement your fuel management system with fleet tracking.
Captures vital trip information including date, time, location, odometer, and operation hours.
Accurate odometer or hour meter reading – omitting the need for fuel transaction data or schedule vehicle downtime.
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