Cloud-based retail fuel solutions

Bridge the digital gap

Orpak's family of integrated retail fuel solutions allows merchants to efficiently manage their business and drive revenue by providing personalized, meaningful customer experiences beyond payment.

Use digital channels to boost sales and productivity

Keep your customer data safe from cyber threats

Draw insights from data analytics dashboards

Accept all loyalty cards and payment types

Automate processes and workflows

Offer added-value customer service

Increase loyalty with personalized marketing

Support a wide range of user touchpoints

Join the Digital Journey

A flexible platform to evolve with your business

Meet future challenges today with Passport X, a versatile, retail fuel cloud-based platform which allows easy, quick localization with global and remote management.

Leverage your data for a new level of personalized customer experience and loyalty.

Support a variety of touchpoints on a single platform

Both employees and customers are equally important users. Making sure their user-experience is ultimately intuitive is crucial to your business. With the Passport X retail fuel platform, you can ensure ease-of-use across all touchpoints and devices.

Passport X POS

Easy-to-use online/offline POS that manages all types of sales and works on any modern hardware.

Passport Xpress (mPOS)

The next-generation mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) for attendants, providing ultimate flexibility in operating the station's forecourt and retail goods management.

Passport X Self-Checkout

A solution that provides a frictionless shopping experience, while generating higher revenues. It assures safe in-store, fuel, and restaurant payments.

Passport X eCommerce

A secure e-commerce platform supporting personalized connections both online and in the store. Understand more about your customer’s needs and buying patterns and accelerate your speed to market. Bring more traffic into your c-store with in-store pickup.

Improve business efficiency logic and management

The simplest way to boost revenues across your fuel and convenience store network is to work effectively by automating processes and utilizing your data. Passport X, allows you to easily implement remote pump authorization, automate inventory management, efficiently manage your network, and make sense of crucial data.

Passport X Engine

Centralized site business logic management that enables stability, modularity, and customizability. Flexibly deployed either locally on-site or over the cloud.

Passport X Analytics

A flexible self-service tool that monitors the site data and creates impactful dashboards to highlight business insights, identify trends, and discover opportunities.

Passport X HOS/BOS

Multi-tenant cloud for central management of any type of retail fuel network, specific stations, or stores.

Assuring a smooth customer journey

Customers expect a seamless experience - regardless of the device or communication channel. With the Passport X retail fuel cloud-based platform, you can create a unified and personalized, customer journey across multiple channels. Make sure you are there, at every stage.
  • In-App
  • In-Store
  • Quick-Pay
  • Pick-Up
  • Happy
  • Loyal
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