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a leading company

We are a leading, global, and dynamic SaaS-based company on a mission to bring customers future-ready technology and change the industry by moving companies and economies forward.

working at orpak

At Orpak we provide opportunities to advance professionally and personally. We encourage our employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance and offer entertaining out-of-office activities, promoting health and fitness.

We are dedicated proponents of gender equality. In 2020, 55% of our recruits were women.

Our reputation as a multi-cultural, employee-focused company precedes us.

Orpak was ranked #25 out of 60 companies in the Hi–Tech sector, as part of the “100 best companies to work for” survey by BDiCode and TheMarker.

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We are as good as our team and believe that a strong team is built on a shared sense of purpose.

global reach

Our global reach is key to our success.

We are a fully-owned subsidiary of Gilbarco Veeder-Root

Currently, we have 180 employees in Israel with 50% in the R&D department and a total of 4000 employees worldwide.

Our world-class R&D, product design and engineering teams are all part of creating diverse, front-line technology and solutions.
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Work hard, play hard

All our employees enjoy a fun, vibrant, and modern work environment, inspiration rooms and more. We believe in giving back to the diverse communities we serve and promote group volunteer work.

From their perspective

“I appreciate seeing the steps that we’ve made towards a culture of continuous improvement.”
Janos, VBS Leader
Joined Orpak in 2018
“I enjoy the family vibe at Orpak. There’s a feeling that everyone cares about each other and is looking out to see that you’re meeting your professional and personal goals. It’s nice to feel that you’re in a place that takes care of you.”
Meital, Business Analyst
Joined Orpak in 2017
"I’ve made friendships here that will last my whole life. Interestingly, Orpak hired me when I was visibly pregnant, which is amazing and unusual, and that reflects Orpak’s values. It’s a very people-oriented company. During the covid-19 pandemic, I strongly felt how much I really love working at Orpak.”
Shimrit, Customer Support Engineer
Joined Orpak in 2015
“Orpak has provided me with a platform to showcase my technical capabilities and creative ideas. It has invested in my professional growth and rewarded me with career advancement opportunities. I began in a junior QA position and now lead a team of 8 QA engineers. I feel appreciated and respected for the work we do, and I am grateful for it.”
Yuval, QA Team Leader
Joined Orpak in 2011
“For me, a workplace like Orpak that provides me with challenges, interests, great, social people to work with, and allows me to evolve both personally and technically, is a great place to work! As I see it, if most of the days I come in to work with a smile and passion, that says it al…:)”
Reut, Software Team Leader
Joined Orpak in 2018

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