Wireless Forecourt Solution

Enable fast deployment of DOMS forecourt controller

doms wireless - Wireless Forecourt Solution

For retail fuel stations that want to add automation without the cost and complex construction involved in laying new cable infrastructure, the Wireless Forecourt Solution is a rapid, easy way to upgrade and gain control of their business. Now available as a wireless extension of Orpak's SiteOmat controller, and soon for the highly successful DOMS PSS forecourt controller.

Solution Details

  • Robust ‘Cable Replacement’ infrastructure using mesh topology to create full wireless coverage of the forecourt
  • Connects all endpoints (e.g. pumps, tag readers, price pole) to site management and automation systems
  • Highly robust, ruggedized, weatherproof casing, designed for harsh outdoor environments (IP66)
  • Copes with interferences / signal blocking by vehicles, other equipment or other wireless networks
  • Easy installation
  • Endpoint may be installed inside fuel pumps for streamlined appearance and to minimize infrastructure
  • Tailored to the retail fuel station environment
wireless forecourt image 1 - Wireless Forecourt Solution


  • Introduce automation to your station with minimum fuss
  • Gain connectivity FAST
  • Maintain business continuity throughout upgrade
  • No messy, disruptive digging on site
  • Highly reliable, robust solution
  • Available add-on to Orpak SiteOmat and other selected GVR forecourt controllers and POS, coming soon for DOMS PSS 5000.