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Quality Requirements

Manufacturer/Supplier Requirements

  1. Orders Confirmation

Order Confirmation - Purchase Orders must be checked and approved by the Del-Pak purchase department to confirm that you have the ability to supply the order on time, and that you have received all the specifications marked with the same version, as defined by the order/Product file/BOM/Technical drawing. A written report must be sent to Del-Pak to check for any misinformation and/or missing specifications and/or equipment.

  1. Engineering Change by Initiator

2.1 The manufacturer/supplier must send Orpak confirmation for any Engineering Change Order (ECO) that you may receive and by this you will confirm that you understand the changes and you have the ability to produce it as requested.

2.2 When receiving the ECO request, the manufacturer/supplier must send Orpak the production status of anything that was completed before they received the ECO.

2.3 If some of the products were already manufactured before the ECO was sent to the manufacturer, the manufacturer should request instructions from Orpak on how to deal with the manufactured products.

  1. Deviation Confirmation

Written permission is required before supplying Orpak with any products that deviate from the specifications. Any such products should have clearly marked packaging indicating their deviation and should be marked anywhere else relevant to the deviation.

  1. PCB Manufacturing

4.1 PCB manufacturing can only be done by UL certified manufacturers.

Circuit boards should be R/C (ZPMV2) - Printed Wiring Material manufactured by one of the manufacturers listed in the UL R/C Directory.”

4.2 PCB production must comply with UL certified limitations.

4.3 Any changes to the PCB manufacturer require a new written certificate from Del-Pak Systems LTD.

4.4 PCB manufacturers must be approved by Orpak, subject to certification to verify that the prime series passes all QA and engineering tests.

4.4.1 A Prime series is required for any product changes, new suppliers, or manufacturer that are producing PCB for Orpak for the first time.

4.4.2 COC - Each shipment should be supplied with a Certificate of Compliance (COC) or Certificate of Test (COT) signed by a qualified engineer/technician/quality assurance engineer.

4.4.3 PCB production must comply with production files provided by Del-Pak Systems LTD.

  1. Date Code

Written permission from the Quality Assurance department is required when supplying components over 18 months old or secondhand components.

  1. Expiration Date

Products past their expiration dates (less than 12 months) cannot be supplied without written permission from Engineering/QA Manager.

The expiry date must be marked on the product package and also in the COC.

6.1 Suppliers must provide the components in their original packaging, and quantities according to their MPQ.

  1. Test Equipment

Use only with calibrated test equipment.

  1. Special Storage Conditions

Products that require special storage conditions must be supplied with their storage instructions.

  1. COC

Each shipment must be supplied with a Certificate of Compliance (COC) and/or Certificate of Test (COT) signed by a qualified QA engineer/technician.

9.1 For plastic/mechanical component manufacturers, the attached appendix defines mandatory requirements of the COC provided by the manufacturer for the plastic and mechanical parts.

  1. Order No.

Print the number of our Purchase Order and/or line number in the invoice/packing slip that you send us.

  1. General RoHS requirements
  • All ordered components must be RoHS compliant (where relevant).
  • Any ordered items that are not RoHS compliant should be replaced with items that are RoHS compliant to the extent possible.
  1. Safety management and occupational health

Del-Pak is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for its on-site and offsite employees and any subcontractors in its direct employ. 

Del-Pak is committed to doing its best to significantly reduce environmental resource consumption and waste production, and to improving any additional environmental aspects including pollution prevention.

Therefore, the supplier / manufacturer is required to act in accordance with the guidelines and rules used by Del-Pak, as well as to take all necessary safety measures in performing their work.