New Orpak Innovation in Wireless Vehicle Identification for Fueling

The new ForeFuel™ solution is a comprehensive offering featuring nano design technology, which reduces deployment time, and ensures high performance and security

Bnei Brak, Israel, May 26th 2015 - Orpak Systems, the leader in automatic vehicle identification (AVI) fueling systems, is introducing its 4th generation offering for oil companies and fleets.  Orpak’s FuelOmat® and FuelOmat Gold have defined and dominated this market over the years, and the Company continues to innovate with its new ForeFuel™ solution, a comprehensive offering featuring nano design technology. ForeFuel incorporates unrivaled global AVI expertise, including 20+ years of technical and commercial know-how and more than 5.5 million vehicles successfully deployed. This expertise has fostered the development of this revolutionary new generation of products.

ForeFuel benefits include:

  • Quick installation on any light/commercial vehicle for mass deployment and shorter time-to-market
  • Can be fitted onto any existing or new petrol station dispenser
  • Robust system components for maximum security and fraud prevention
  • Integrates with fleet management systems for full control
  • Conforms to demanding global standards for fuel station environments – ATEX, CE, FCC, UL and e mark

pic1 300x181 - New Orpak Innovation in Wireless Vehicle Identification for Fueling

The ForeFuel solution components include:


A compact, highly-secure and tamper-resistant RFID vehicle identification tag that can be installed on any vehicle fuel inlet. It is small and robust, with a high level of immunity to extreme environmental conditions and interference. Unlike traditional ring-shaped devices, the NanOpass significantly reduces installation time and fits any vehicle with its “one-size-fits-all” design.

pic2 300x199 - New Orpak Innovation in Wireless Vehicle Identification for Fueling


A plug-&-play unit that connects directly to a vehicle’s OBD-II diagnostic connector. It collects an array of advanced vehicle data directly from the on-board computer, making it ideal for fleet manager control. This innovative transmitter is able to auto-detect Odometer and other parameters in various types of vehicles, reducing installation time and complexity.

pic3 300x200 - New Orpak Innovation in Wireless Vehicle Identification for Fueling

Nano Nozzle Reader

The Nano Nozzle Reader fits all common retail nozzles, requires no wiring and seamlessly blends into the fuel dispenser. This new reader is much smaller, easier to install and has an extended battery life. Fully transparent to the customer, it is automatically activated when the nozzle is removed from the cradle. During fueling, it detects unauthorized removal and is deactivated in order to prevent fraud and misuse.

pic4 300x204 - New Orpak Innovation in Wireless Vehicle Identification for Fueling


For oil companies, ForeFuel is a strong loyalty driver as vehicles equipped with the technology only fuel at ForeFuel-powered stations. ForeFuel is also ideal for oil companies offering fleet refueling services, as fleet managers gain better cost control and maximize savings. Fleet managers and homebase station managers can make use of the system to control their fleet costs and prevent unnecessary expenses by remotely logging-in to the system and setting limits and restrictions for every vehicle. ForeFuel can work as an addition to retail or homebase (commercial fleet) stations.


Orpak Systems delivers comprehensive solutions to oil companies and commercial fleets, improving profitability and optimizing performance from the forecourt to the head office. Be it the single transaction, network optimization or business analytics, our hardware, software and services enhance the entire retail fuel network and fleet management value chains. Orpak has a well-established track record of success and innovation for over 25 years. Known for rapid deployment of large end-to-end projects, Orpak’s field-proven products are installed in more than 30,000 service stations and 5.5 million vehicles across 60 countries. Our solutions are distributed via an international network of subsidiaries and value-added partners.

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