TankOmat - Tank Automation System

Orpak's Tank Automation System (TankOmat) provides oil companies, commercial fleets and operating companies with better and cost effective control on fuel inventories in multiple tanks and locations. 

TankOmat's benefits include:

  • Closes the supply chain loop. The system automatically detects and alerts fuel shortage, issues a fuel delivery order, tracks the delivery of that order verifying the amount as well as the quality of the fuel supplied to the specific tank
  • Enables fuel managers to plan ahead and forecast required deliveries based on previous data, simplifying the planning for optimal price and quantities
  • Auto calibration and reconciliation enable accurate and tight tracking of the fuel inventory, minimizing losses
  • Detection of un-authorized fillings of tanks in the stations (such as smuggled or low quality fuel) becomes vital for oil companies. Fuel quality could be monitored using the optional density probe
  • Leak detection prevents losses and contamination of the environment, which is obligatory in many countries
  • Remote capabilities – you are always in control by using a standard PC with an Internet browser, loging in (secured) to monitor and manage your tanks
  • Alarms could be sent via text message (SMS) or E-mail to predefined personnel



The system can be installed as the main station's forecourt controller that controls all forecourt devices (pumps, tanks, transactions, etc.) or added in parallel to an existing forecourt controller.  

The system consists of 3 levels of hardware and software:

  1. Tank level probes– Orpak provides variety of advanced probes installed in every tank. The probes collect data of the fuel and water level as well as temperature and transmits it to the site controller. Our system supports also other existing probes with or without Tank Level Gouging (TLG) basic controller. An optional density gauge is also supported.
  2. Station Probe Controller- Tank automation or complete site automation, based on Orpak's SiteOmat software, is available either on a rugged embedded platform (Orpak Controller Unit -  OrCU), wall-mounted monitor or on a standard PC. 
  3. Head Office (HO)- management application – Orpak's Fuel Management Software (FMS) for monitoring and alerting multiple tanks and sites.

System Alarms

  • Fuel level - Low, Very low, High, Very high
  • Fuel density
  • Fuel temperature – High
  • Water level – High , Very high
  • Deliveries
  • Unexpected drop
  • Leak detection
  • Sensors
Example of FMS tank's status screen: